Veterans Day in the USA

The 11th of November is known as the Veterans Day for the Americans. The hostilities of the First World War came to an end on this day. An armistice was signed and the day is for commemorating this significant milestone. It was signed in 1918 between Germany and the allied power. Americans show gratitude and thank the Veterans for their sacrifice.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Observance of the Day

The day is especially for the veterans who are alive. People thanks them for their contribution in maintaining the sovereignty of the USA in every battle. The flag is kept half-mast. Parades and procession are brought out in streets. As an American citizen, two minute silence is must-to-do thing right at 11am. It is for reminding of the dead veterans. Many of the educational institutes are kept close on the Veterans Day. Some arrange assemblies and parades to celebrate the day.
The official approval of the day was on 11th November. But Americans usually celebrate the day on a weekend rather than a working day. It gives them a chance to attend the program in an official and serious mood. Only the government offices of federal are remain closed on the Veterans Day. The transportation system runs their schedule as normal as before. There can come some slight changes in order to avoid collision with the parades. Otherwise, everything seems normal. People go to graveyards and events to show their respect for the great warriors.

Veterans Day Wallpapers

Veterans Day Wallpapers

History of the Veterans Day

The eleventh November in 1918 became an outstanding day because of signing an armistice. It was signed at the 11th hour of the day or 11am. This is the reason of keeping two-minute silence at that time. The German army and the Allied Nations power agreed to sign that deed. Exactly after one year, the day was observed as the Armistice Day. It was for commemorating the martyred soldiers and blessing the living ones. The day was observed by arranging parades and keeping everything still at 11am. Public meetings also took place in several areas of the USA.
Seven years later, in the year 1926, the congress of the US officially approved the ending of the WWI. They decided to declare the Armistice Day as an anniversary of the ending. From their aspect, this day would remind about the departed souls of Veterans. The President was requested to proclaim the day as a day for remembering the sacrifice of soldiers in the WWI. There had to be parades and church services. Public events and thanksgiving were two important part of this proposal.

Veterans Day Thank You

Veterans Day Thank You

Till the year 1938, the Armistice Day was not a public holiday legally. An act was passed declaring the 11th November as a federal holiday. The intention was to honor the veterans of the First World War. But the WWII became another disastrous fact for the Americans. Soldiers went to fight in Korea and many of them died. When the war ended, the Congress decided to change the name of the Armistice Day. They renamed it as the Veterans Day for honoring every sacrifice of Veterans. On the 1st June, the change was accepted and approved by the Congress. After that the Veterans Day has become the day to commemorate, respect and show gratitude to all the US Veterans.
Almost 14 years later, the bill of Uniforms Holiday was proposed. Instead of using an exact date, the Veterans Day should be observed on the 4th Monday of every October. In 1971, the bill was passed though some states did not agree on the act. They disagreed and wanted to change the date again. The US President Gerald R. Ford agreed to the Public Law. The Veterans Day was changed to 11th day of 11th month again. Till now, people observe the Veterans Day on 11th November.
Veterans Day Pictures

Veterans Day Pictures

When Is Veterans Day?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Thu Nov 11 2010 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Fri Nov 11 2011 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Sun Nov 11 2012 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Mon Nov 11 2013 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Tue Nov 11 2014 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Wed Nov 11 2015 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Fri Nov 11 2016 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Fri Nov 10 2017 Veterans Day (observed) Federal Holiday  
Sat Nov 11 2017 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Sun Nov 11 2018 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Mon Nov 12 2018 Veterans Day (observed) Federal Holiday  
Mon Nov 11 2019 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Wed Nov 11 2020 Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
Veterans Day Images

Veterans Day Images

Name in other languages

Name Language
Veterans Day English
Día del Veterano de Guerra Spanish
יום הווטרנים (ארצות הברית) Hebrew
يوم المحاربين القدامى Arabic
재향군인의 날 Korean
Tag der Veteranen German

History of Veterans Day

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