Thanksgiving Day in the USA

The 4th Thursday of November is observed as the Thanksgiving Day in the USA. The Black Friday comes right after that.

Celebration of Thanksgiving Day

The main celebration of Thanksgiving Day starts at night. Every member of the family join for enjoying the special dinner. The dinner menu contains tasty and spicy foods like cranberry sauce, potatoes, pumpkin, tomato and turkey. The day is made for thanking people around you and honoring them properly.
In a few states, Americans arrange parade while observing the Thanksgiving Day. It is a sign of the upcoming Christmas. This is why, shops and malls begin the advertisement on products for Christmas. People do not let the chance go of touring during the celebration. They go far from the crowd and enjoy the holiday.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Life in Public

The Day is an occasion for announcing holiday for government and private organizations. Schools and offices are closed during the celebration. You can notice a change in the regular schedule of the transit system. Parades and precisions may create traffic jam in some regions.
As people like to tour during the Thanksgiving Day, overcrowding becomes a severe problem for transportation. To celebrate the day, football matches are also organized. It causes a rush of people.

Thanksgiving Day Images

Thanksgiving Day Images

Background of the Day

In the year 1863, the Thanksgiving Day was begun to be celebrated as a holiday. Since then, People get one off-day every year. The day is not only held for celebration, but also there are some important facts. Till now, the day is being observed as the American Indian Heritage Day. Native Americans, who are the actual Americans protest in order to get the National Day of Mourning. This protest is staged in Plymouth Rock of Massachusetts.
Some Evidences has clarified that Texas was the first place where the Thanksgiving Day was celebrated at first. It was in 1598. The actual purpose of celebrating the day was to thank for raining. Ending of drought was a great relief for farmers in that nation. It was modernized in 1623 in Massachusetts. Nowadays, Thanksgiving Day means Feast or dinner. The day was for holding church services and praying before.
The Day become more important in the 16th century. A tradition of celebrating it annually was started. There was a variety in its way of celebrating as well there was no fixed date. The First President of the USA, George Washington announced it as an official day in the year 1789.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day

When Is Thanksgiving Day?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Thu Nov 25 2010 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 24 2011 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 28 2013 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 27 2014 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 26 2015 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 24 2016 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 23 2017 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 22 2018 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 28 2019 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Nov 26 2020 Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
Happy Thanksgiving Day Images

Happy Thanksgiving Day Images

Name in other languages

Name Language
Thanksgiving Day English
Día de Acción de Gracias Spanish
חג ההודיה Hebrew
عيد الشكر Arabic
추수감사절 Korean
Høsttakkefest Norwegian
Thanksgiving German

History of Thanksgiving

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