Halloween in the USA

Most of the Americans eagerly wait to celebrate the Halloween program. It is held on the 31st October. In two major ways, people celebrate Halloween. Trick or treat and cosplay.

Celebration of People on This Day

The day is celebrated among the known groups. For instance, neighbors, friends and family are the known circle of our day to day life. Apart from this, a particular regional community can organize different activities on this day for celebrating. Costume parties, display and other events are organized either on the 31st October or the nearest weekend. Grownups celebrate the day by creating haunted houses or going to Movie Theater.
Children love the day much more than the adults. They participate in fancy dress competition. A traditional way to celebrate the day is going to other houses in order to ask candies or gifts. As they go in horror dresses, they should be treated well. Otherwise, they will threat the people in the house and curse them. The game is known as the “Trick or Treat”. The whole thing should be done in a friendly environment. There should not be any horrifying or terrible trick during the game. If you are a father or mother, it is your duty to check either your child is doing it in good manner or not.



Many families and houses create horror vibe with lanterns and pumpkins. They decorate the whole house with such carvings. Basically, it carries a message for keeping away bad spirit. As a grownup or adult, you must have a good collection of candies and sweets. Those sweets and gifts will be very helpful in helping your neighboring kids. They will be pleased and keep away the evil spirits.
A philanthropic deed is often noticed during the Halloween Evening. Children create a box of UNICEF logo and go for collecting funds. The organization works for spreading the light of education in deprived countries. The fund is used for improving the condition of poor in all over the world. When there is a decent amount of fund collected, the box is handed over to the UNICEF. A father or mother should encourage the kid to do such thing. It enhances the thirst of doing better for the society.
Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Life in Public

This is not a federal holiday in the USA. All the organizations and institutes run their routine schedule. There comes no change in the public transit system too. If you are a driver, you must be very conscious. Children come out in black and dark dresses. Sometimes, the driver cannot notice them and accident happens. It is good to drive carefully and turn the headlight on. Drive slowly to avoid any accident while crossing the road.

Background of Halloween

The first celebration of Halloween was introduced by the people of Northern Europe. It was a festival of Pagan. Mainly, the United Kingdom was the center of this celebration. The day reminds of the day when witchcraft and magic were popular. Spirits could easily contact with real people and objects. Also, the day is celebrated by Christian community as the previous evening of the All Saint’s Day. The tradition came to USA by Irish and Scottish immigrants.

Halloween Pictures

Halloween Pictures

A lot of businessmen found the day commercially profitable. They started to printout cards, postcards as well as fancy costumes. It took place in the beginning of 20th Century. Later on, the tradition became popular in ‘30s and ‘50s. The variety in gift and candies increased with the speed of its popularity. Nowadays, producers and designers wait for the day with great interest to sell their products. This commercialization is the actual reason behind it’s popularity.

Signs and Symbols of Halloween

Halloween has different way of symbolizing. Most of the time, you can notice a skeleton or scary pumpkin as symbols. Also, ghosts and spooks are seen which represent the connection between the spirit world and the real world. Witchcraft and wizardry are represented by some persons who claim that they can contact with sprits. Relating to these objects, black cats and bats are also famous signs of Halloween. Dark night is considered as the friendliest platform for magical deeds and contacting with the spirit world. Bat and cat are two vulnerable animals seen in black nights.
Similarly, any scary object is considered as a perfect sign of Halloween such as fire, blood, epitaph, skulls, bones, etc. These bear the memory of death and lead to a horrible experience for the watcher. Well, not all of them are real. Some of them are artificially manufactured by producers.

Happy Halloween Images

Happy Halloween Images

When Is Halloween?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Sun Oct 31 2010 Halloween Observance  
Mon Oct 31 2011 Halloween Observance  
Wed Oct 31 2012 Halloween Observance  
Thu Oct 31 2013 Halloween Observance  
Fri Oct 31 2014 Halloween Observance  
Sat Oct 31 2015 Halloween Observance  
Mon Oct 31 2016 Halloween Observance  
Tue Oct 31 2017 Halloween Observance  
Wed Oct 31 2018 Halloween Observance  
Thu Oct 31 2019 Halloween Observance  
Sat Oct 31 2020 Halloween Observance  
Halloween Images

Halloween Images

Name in other languages

Name Language
Halloween English
Halloween Spanish
ליל כל הקדושים Hebrew
هالووين Arabic
핼러윈 Korean
Halloween Norwegian
Halloween German

Halloween History

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