Election Day in the USA

The first Tuesday after the first Monday of November is known as the Election Day in the USA. The approximate date of celebrating the day is 2nd to 8th November. The day is for choosing officials who will serve people for the next four years. People elect representatives from every state and locality as an indirect selection of the next President of the USA. The Representatives vote for either Republic or the Democrat candidate to elect the president.

Election Day

Election Day

People on this Day

Simply, people cast their vote on the Election Day. Every eligible citizen is bound to vote as his/her national responsibility. The federal election is held in only even years. One of the coincidental fact of the day is, only leap year should be selected for president election. State and local governments elect their representative depending on the requirement. It does not rely on any odd-even tradition.
The voting system is dependable on the system of that particular state or locality. For example, Oregon State believes in voting with postcards. The letter should be received before the Election Day. Washington DC also abide by the similar law of voting in postcards. But the main law of voting is standing in a queues of voting station. People wait to vote their favorite candidates.

Election Day Images

Election Day Images

Life in Public

Though the day is not an officially proclaimed holiday, a few states have declared it as an off-day for organizations. These states are:

  • Hawaii
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Montana
  • Michigan
  • West Virginia

Some states spare the employees a few hours to go and vote. This will not hamper their earnings.

Background of the Election Day

In the year 1792, the newly freed USA passed a law of electing president. The day was fixed on the basis of an approximation. It had to be thirty-four days before the 1st Wednesday of the last month of the year, December. On that day, Electors met in Electoral colleges. They elect their president together by casting their valuable votes. The day was about to fix in the ending of November or the beginning of December. There was a connection between the crop and the election. Harvesting could not be hampered due to vote in that time. Winter was not a preferred time for Election.

Happy Election Day

Happy Election Day

The introduction of new age technology changed the system overnight. People could cast their votes early by traveling and within a few days they could elect the president. In the year 1845, Congress passed a law of electing all the representatives within a day. They decided to make it as the first Tuesday following the Monday of every November. It meets all the essentials. People need not to travel for voting. Some communities, especially Christian communities strictly abide by the law of Tuesday.
Barack Obama was the first Afro-American president of the USA. He was elected twice. At first, people loved his slogan of change the world in 2008. Then, he won the election again in 2012. The latest president is Donald Trump. He has been elected in 2016. Every president starts to go office in January.
Happy Election Day Images

Happy Election Day Images

When Is Election Day?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Tue Nov 2 2010 Election Day State holiday 12 states
Tue Nov 6 2012 Election Day Observance  
Tue Nov 6 2012 Election Day State holiday 12 states
Tue Nov 4 2014 Election Day State holiday 15 states
Tue Nov 3 2015 Election Day State holiday Indiana, New York
Tue Nov 8 2016 Election Day Observance  
Tue Nov 8 2016 Election Day State holiday 14 states
Tue Nov 7 2017 Election Day State holiday New Jersey, Virginia
Tue Nov 6 2018 Election Day State holiday 14 states
Tue Nov 3 2020 Election Day Observance  
Tue Nov 3 2020 Election Day State holiday 14 states

Name in other languages

Name Language
Election Day English
Elecciones Spanish
יום הבחירות בארצות הברית Hebrew
يوم الانتخابات Arabic
선거일 (미국) Korean
Valgdag Norwegian
Wahltag German

The history of every presidential election since 1964.

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