Easter Sunday in the USA

Easter Sunday is celebrated by the Christians to remember the resurrection of the Jesus Christ. It is an approximate date of the March equinox.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Typical Celebration of Americans on Easter Sunday

Most of the churches and Christian fraternity celebrate the day in many ways. Decoration of eggs is one of the many celebration. Not only real eggs, but also eggs, which are made of chocolate, plastic, candy and other elements. The real eggs are decorated for eating after the celebration. Another celebration is hunting of Easter egg. It is a typical enjoyable celebration of the children. They look for the hidden eggs. An avatar called, Easter Bunny hides these eggs. This egg hunt is a popular form of celebration. It can be organized both by church and local business companies. They promote their business by sponsoring on this event.

Life in Public

The day is not an approved public holiday by the federal government. But there is a vibe of enjoyment in everywhere. A lot of shops and organization announce holiday to provide their employees a chance to celebrate the day with family. Some keeps the shops and mall open for promoting and organizing events. The transit system of a few states may be changed. If there comes any change in the system, the authority will announce it for the sake of people.

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday

Background of Easter Sunday

The day is inspired from the Pagan times. There were some groups who organized festivals to welcome the spring. They believed that spring brings a new life to the nature. It comes with fertility of land and species. This is how the theme of Easter eggs originated among the people. People hunt to resurrect their fertility and upcoming new future.
But after the crucifixion of the Jesus, the spring became the time of resurrection. It reminds the day of resurrection of the holy sun of the God. This idea is almost related to the Pagan race of rebirth after the crucifixion on Good Friday.

Signs And Symbols

The major symbol of Easter Sunday is of course the Cross of Jesus and the resurrection. This one is for the strict Christian believers. But the Easter egg is also a popular form for symbolizing the day. The egg may come from a rabbit, hare or lamb. The natural rebirth or resurrection is symbolized by this. Again, the spontaneous appearance of a hare or rabbit represents the evergreen characteristics of the Nature.

Easter Sunday Images

Easter Sunday Images

When Is Easter Sunday?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Sun Apr 4 2010 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 24 2011 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 8 2012 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Mar 31 2013 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 20 2014 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 5 2015 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Mar 27 2016 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 16 2017 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 1 2018 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 21 2019 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Sun Apr 12 2020 Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
Happy Easter Sunday Images

Happy Easter Sunday Images

Name in other languages

Name Language
Easter Sunday English
Pascua Spanish
פסחא Hebrew
عيد القيامة Arabic
부활절 Korean
Første påskedag Norwegian
Ostersonntag German

The History of Easter

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