Christmas Day in the USA

This is the biggest religious event for the American Christians. Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December. The Holy Child of the God, Jesus Christ was born on this day. Decorating Christmas tree, paying visit to relative’s home and special foods are the actual attraction of the day.



Celebration of Americans on the Christmas Day

There is a lot of ways to celebrate the Christmas properly. The preparation starts two or three weeks ago. Every family create a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights, stars and other ornaments. Turkey is a traditional American dinner of the Christmas. You can find a plenty of food on the table. The most awaited person of the Christmas for a children is Santa Claus. They believe that Santa sends gift to them. Gifting has made Christmas extremely commercialized. A huge part of the income goes for buying gifts for children and food for the family dinner.
Almost every social community and church organize different type of events including church services. Spreading the teaching of Jesus Christ is one of these events. Concert is a common thing among these sort of celebrations. Helping the deprived persons during the Christmas is a philanthropic way of observing the day. Young generation participate with fundraising and providing support to these poor people.

Christmas Images

Christmas Images

Life in Public

Christmas is an official holiday. Every organization except churches remain closed. Paying a visit to relative’s house is the major thing for every person. They exchange gifts. It may create a temporary congestion of transportation. The system of public transit does not go by their regular routine. Everything comes at a standstill position.

Background of the Christmas Day

The exact meaning of the day is a mass or special service to spread the happiness of the arrival of Jesus Christ on the planet. This birth of Jesus has an important role in the Christianity. There is another reason of celebrating the day. Many people celebrate it as the festival of Pre-Christian winter. To celebrate this festival, they lit candles, trees to symbolize the evergreen characteristic of the Nature.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

The festival is inspired by the Roman dynasty. People used to spend the time in partying and making merry. They also exchanged gifts with each other. Scandinavian regions traditionally celebrate a twelve-day long festival starting from the 25th December. It lasted till the first week of January. Burning logs and organizing parties were the major way of celebrating. Americans are influenced by these customs of Scandinavian people.
There is no precise date of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bible. The collaboration of 25th December and his birthday is also unknown to people. The approximate date of starting the day as Jesus Christ’s birthday is 200 AC. Primarily, the day was not celebrated as it is now. The European culture influenced people for such celebration. The culture of partying and decorating houses strongly inspired Americans in the Mid-age.
Till the 18th Century, Christmas was not celebrated by partying or making merry. It was considered as unchristian celebration. In 1840, the celebration was started to spread all over in the USA. After thirty years, it became a federal holiday. The day has become more special since then.
Merry Christmas Pictures

Merry Christmas Pictures

Signs of Christmas Day

There is a various type of symbol and signs for representing Christmas Day. Newborn Jesus, Three Kings and Nativity are the most common of them. Santa Claus, elves and reindeer are also popular signs. Fairy lights and ornaments for home-decoration are common in everywhere. The day has become a commercially popular religious celebration.

When Is Christmas Day?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Fri Dec 24 2010 Christmas Day observed Federal Holiday  
Sat Dec 25 2010 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Sun Dec 25 2011 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Mon Dec 26 2011 Christmas Day observed Federal Holiday  
Tue Dec 25 2012 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Wed Dec 25 2013 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Thu Dec 25 2014 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Fri Dec 25 2015 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Sun Dec 25 2016 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Mon Dec 26 2016 Christmas Day observed Federal Holiday  
Mon Dec 25 2017 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Tue Dec 25 2018 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Wed Dec 25 2019 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Fri Dec 25 2020 Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
Merry Christmas Images

Merry Christmas Images

Name in other languages

Name Language
Christmas Day English
Navidad Spanish
חג המולד Hebrew
عيد الميلاد Arabic
크리스마스 Korean
Første juledag Norwegian
Weihnachten German

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