Boss’s Day in the USA

The 16th Day of October is observed as the Boss’s Day or Bosses Day in the United States of America. This day is for honoring and showing gratitude to their bosses. Sometimes the date may change if it is a Sunday. Only a working day can near 16th October is known as the Bosses Day.

Boss's Day

Boss’s Day

Celebration of People on This Day

The day has been introduced in order to create a healthy relationship between employees and employers. Also, it is for appreciating the bosses for their hard-work in maintaining respected organization. The Boss’s day helps in improving the interacting capability of the stuffs. They can express their thoughts and respect to the boss. It gives them recognition in the company.
The major way to observe is gifting cards, certificate and necessary tools to own employer. Almost all the workplaces have started to observe the day with great respect. They have found it fruitful in many ways.

Boss's Day Images

Boss’s Day Images

Life in Public

The Boss’s Day is must be celebrated on a working day. This is why, there is no announcement of holiday on this particular day in the USA. Transit and roads remain the same as scheduled.

Background of The Boss’s Day

Patricia Bays Haroski is the main promoter of the day. She came up with the idea of observing a day to grow good relationship among the workers. The National Boss’s day was proposed in 1958 at first. The woman was a worker in the State Farm Insurance. The organization was in Illinois. The Chamber of Commerce in the USA received the proposal as a holiday. The reason of choosing 16th December for the day is nothing but her father’s birthday. Her proposal included the appreciation of work between supervisors and stuffs.
In the year 1962, the governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner accepted the proposal and approved the day as an official day for respecting bosses. Not only in the USA, but also in other countries like Australia, South Africa and India are observing the day with great honor.

Happy Boss's Day

Happy Boss’s Day

When Is Boss’s Day?

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed
Fri Oct 15 2010 Boss’s Day Observance  
Mon Oct 17 2011 Boss’s Day Observance  
Tue Oct 16 2012 Boss’s Day Observance  
Wed Oct 16 2013 Boss’s Day Observance  
Thu Oct 16 2014 Boss’s Day Observance  
Fri Oct 16 2015 Boss’s Day Observance  
Mon Oct 17 2016 Boss’s Day Observance  
Mon Oct 16 2017 Boss’s Day Observance  
Tue Oct 16 2018 Boss’s Day Observance  
Wed Oct 16 2019 Boss’s Day Observance  
Fri Oct 16 2020 Boss’s Day Observance  
Happy Boss's Day Images

Happy Boss’s Day Images

Name in other languages

Name Language
Boss’s Day English
Sjefens dag Spanish
יום הבוס Hebrew
يوم رئيسه Arabic
보스의 날 Korean
Tag des Chefs German

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