April Fool’s Day

The funniest day of the year is observed on the first day of April in each year. It is for joking, making prank and tricking people to fool them. The day is popular with a lot names. People call it April Fool’s Day, Gowkie Day, April Noddy Day and St. All Fool’s Day.

Pranks on the April Fool’s or All Fool’s Day

The first day of April is to make jokes on the people. All the people in the world make practical jokes of their friends and family members. For instance, children tell each other that their bags are unzipped. Whenever the child look at the bag, the other one shouts, “April Fool!”

April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

The day is held for making serious jokes. Not only people, the media have also used it for making fools of the audiences. Let’s see some of their funny pranks on this day.

  • In the year 2002, Tesco, a renowned British oriented supermarket announced about a Whistling carrot. The news was published on one of the most famous newspapers in the world, the SUN. The reporter claimed that the carrot was specially designed. While cooking it, there would be a whistling sound from the carrot. A lot of people bought it to test. Guess what happened next? All of them were April Fooled by the Tesco and the Sun.
  • A Swedish Television channel announced that a black and white television can be turned into a color screen by putting a nylon stocking over it. The announcement was on the first April in 1960. People were pranked with the trick.
  • Also, the American newspapers published a news about a flying man in 1934. The New York Times is one of them. It announced a new invention of a device that is used for flying. They fooled people with such news on the April Fool’s Day.
  • Happy April Fool’s Day

    Happy April Fool’s Day

    Why Do People Make fools of the other on the 1st April?

    There are some different stories regarding the celebration of April Fool’s Day observation. One of them is famous which relates to the Gregorian and Julian calendar. According to the Julian’s the New Year was celebrated on the Gregorian’s 1st April. A lot of Europeans did not remember the change. They became fools by following the Julian calendar. The March Equinox made this happen.
    The fooled Europeans started to count this is as a joke and made it a celebrating day. They drew fish on a paper and stuck it to the other’s back. For such traditional observation, the day is called as Poisson d’Avril in France. It means the Fish of April.

    Theories by The Holy Bible

    Noah, one of the most famous biblical characters was the first victim of April Fool’s Day. On that particular day, he told a dove for finding a land where he could reach. But the day was not a perfect day for doing such thing. A lot of believers claim this as an original story of celebrating April Fool’s Day.
    Also, Jesus Christ is involved with the day’s origination. He went to Herod and got back to Pontius Pilate. It’s known as a foolish work. There is also a term called, “Sending someone from Pilate to Herod” for describing a fool’s work.

    April Fool’s Day Images

    April Fool’s Day Images

    Historical Background of The April Fool’s Day

    The Celtic and Roman empires used to observe a day for making fools of others. April Fool’s day reminds of that thing. Creating practical joke and making fun was inspired from the Ancient Roman Empire.

    The Story Behind the Origination of “Fool’s Errands”

    It has come from the Roman Mythology. Pluto sent Proserpina to another region, the underworld. After losing her contact, Ceres, her mother started to find Proserpina. She did not find her and returned with a bare hand. Things that can never be done is known as a fool’s errand. The first use of the term was inspired by this Myth.

    April Fool’s Day in England

    There is a strong between the English folklore and All Fool’s Day. This includes a famous funny story of Nottinghamshire. There is a town called Gotham. A king named John wanted to invade in the city. When he stepped on a land, it became the property of the kingdom. Inhabitants of Gotham did not want to lose the main street. The king became angry and sent some of his best soldiers to punish people. But when they entered into the city, there were fools everywhere. They returned and informed the king about such thing. It is a story of 13th Century. King John did not punish them as the city was claimed as a fool’s town. By becoming fools, they fooled the king.

    Happy April Fool’s Day Images

    Happy April Fool’s Day Images

    When Is April Fool’s Day?

    Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type
    Thu Apr 1 2010 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Fri Apr 1 2011 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Sun Apr 1 2012 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Mon Apr 1 2013 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Tue Apr 1 2014 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Wed Apr 1 2015 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Fri Apr 1 2016 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Sat Apr 1 2017 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Sun Apr 1 2018 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Mon Apr 1 2019 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    Wed Apr 1 2020 April Fool’s Day Worldwide observance
    April Fool’s Day Pictures

    April Fool’s Day Pictures

    Name in other languages

    Name Language
    April Fool’s Day English
    Dia d’enganyar Spanish
    אחד באפריל Hebrew
    يوم كذبة أبريل Arabic
    만우절 Korean
    Håndkle-dagen (Douglas Adams) Norwegian
    1. April (Aprilscherz) German

    The History of April Fools Day

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